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Don't know how to deal with emergency vehicles on a shout? Watch this video for help and advice:

Do you want to learn to be a safe, competant, confident driver, and pass your test in the shortest possible time at the least possible cost? Of course you do!

Excellence often comes at a premium. Good news! - I am an Excellent Driving Coach and because of this I am very successful, (see 'Testimonials'). Because my students are also very successful I eventually have to say 'goodbye' to them, and this leaves me currently with spaces on my diary.
I need to fill those spaces, so, for a limited time I am offering the same excellent tuition and service that I always do in return for a specially reduced initial 10hr rate!

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Nadeem passed first try on 14th January 2015. Well Done!

Nadeem changed her life, and so did lots of others.





















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1st Class Tuition, 1st Class Service, 1st Class Value

Safer, Easier, No Stalling
                  No Clutch, No Gears, Less Lessons!

Nadeem passed , and so can YOU!

Nadeem learnt in the MSM automatic car, she found it;

EASIER: Automatic cars have NO CLUTCH, so you don't have to master clutch control, possibly one of the most difficult driving skills for a novice to learn. No Gear changing! (Except into reverse for manoeuvres).

SAFER: A fully automatic car will change gear for you, you can therefore keep both hands on the steering wheel for longer, and you won't get distracted by having to think about which gear you need to be in! It is also almost impossible to stall, a common cause of many learner collisions.


You will learn in a safe, controlled environment. You will find me friendly and sympathetic, and I welcome nervous drivers of any age. As you progress I can progress your lessons with you, using a coaching style of tuition as and when appropriate, helping you to gain the most from every lesson.


YOU get MORE value from each lesson with me because I will work hard to make sure you progress as quickly as possible.

I will keep a record of your progress, each lesson will logically follow from the previous. At times you may need time to consolidate what you have learnt with practical practice.

My primary concern is to help you become a safe and considerate driver for life. You will become confident, competant and highly skilled, ready and able to drive any automatic car very well. Having passed your test you will do a Pass Plus course which will help you to master motorways and major cities and towns.

I will never answer my mobile or make a call during a lesson whilst the car is in motion. I may use my mobile while we are stationary to deal with your business if necessary.

I have full Professional Indemnity Insurance up to 3,000,000 and full Public Liability Insurance up to 5,000,000.


You might be already qualified, but want help in a particular topic, or you might want to improve, or gain UK familiarisation. Whatever stage you are at I can help.

If YOU want to learn the easier way CALL 078 999 111 22 NOW!

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CALL NOW on  078 999 111 22  to arrange your first lesson.

Martin is one of the most Highly Qualified driving instructors in Oxford and surrounding areas, with years of teaching experience.

He has passed both the ROSPA and the Diamond Advanced driving Tests.

When you train for a Learner Driving Test, Martin will provide you with FREE HANDOUTS to support your driving lessons. Martin teaches in his automatic car, but if you want manual lessons and you can provide a vehicle
to learn in please call for a chat. Please see our Services page for more details.

Only one learner in the car at a time, no shared lessons, personal tuition, THE BEST VALUE!

Already qualified? Book a Pass Plus course now  Click here for details.

Client's private information such as Name, Address, telephone number and mobile phone number will not be revealed to any 3rd party. Client's Financial details, including credit or debit card numbers are NOT stored by us.

Clients are asked to pay for lessons in advance, at the rate agreed at the time of booking.
At least 48 working hours notice must be given if there is a need to cancel or rearrange a lesson booking.
Failure to provide this notice will result in a valid claim for equivalent value in compensation. Saturdays and Sundays are NOT working hours.

MSM Terms & Conditions are  given to the customer on their first lesson.

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Martin Tennant. DSA ADI, DIAmond Master Driver, RoSPA Advanced Driver
Martin's Automatic Driving School
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Martin is a fully qualified, experienced DSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) offering driving lessons in Oxford

Martin is a qualified Diamond Advanced Instructor & driver

Martin has qualified as a RoSPA Advanced Driver

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Erica passed FIRST TIME! 14th Nov 2014. Good Work!

Congrats to Erica for passing first


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